New Beauty’s AviClear 101: What to Expect From the First and Only FDA-Cleared Energy Device for the Treatment of All Acne Severities Clear skin ahead.

A new laser called AviClear has just entered the market as the first and only FDA-cleared energy device for the treatment of mild, moderate and severe acne. “AviClear is revolutionary because it’s changing the game in terms of how we’re managing acne,” shares Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Arash Moradzadeh, MD.
So, what makes this device such an exciting new prospect in the world of aesthetics? Here, Dr. Moradzadeh explains everything there is to know about AviClear, including how it works and who is the ideal candidate.
How does AviClear work?
In order to understand AviClear, it’s important to understand the basis of acne. “Acne forms when the sebum glands start to produce excessive amounts of oil in your skin, clogging your pores with [oil and] dead skin cells, which then harbors bacteria and creates inflamed pimples,” says Dr. Moradzadeh. “There are multiple forms of acne, including hormonal, inflammatory, cystic, and comedonal.”
AviClear—which is safe for all skin types and ages—targets acne at its source.” It uses a special wavelength that is selective to those sebum glands that I referred to earlier,” says Dr. Moradzadeh. “The laser selectively targets the gland, and it is basically turning those glands off. So, you’re going to get less of that oil production, which is then going to lead to less issues of clogging and bacterial overgrowth.” By doing this, you treat your acne right at its root.
How many treatments are needed for AviClear to work?
AviClear only requires three 30-minute sessions spaced a month apart over the course of a few months and no form of pain mitigation is required. “There’s no downtime and you don’t need any numbing cream since treatments are comfortable,” says Dr. Moradzadeh.
After treatment, patients produce less oil and see shorter and fewer acne flare-ups. “Most of my patients are happy even after their first treatment,” boasts Dr. Moradzadeh. “But after their second treatment, they’re even more satisfied, and then a couple of months after their third treatment, they’re really loving their results.”
Are there any side effects?
Unlike many other acne treatments, no significant side effects or adverse events have been reported. “This basically gives you an option to manage your acne without scary side effects.” says Dr. Moradzadeh.
The bottom line
AviClear is a great option for those struggling to clear up their acne quickly. Not only is the procedure rather easy to undergo (there’s minimal pain and no downtime!), but the results are impressive, too.
In fact, Dr. Moradzadeh reports that clinical studies found that 87% of patients saw a clearance of their acne by greater than 50%. “And now we’re seeing that patients two years after treatment have not needed to have any additional acne treatment,” he says. “Results appear to be long-lasting.”

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