How Long Do Microneedling Results Last?

The microneedling process has been used to address numerous skin problems — but how long do microneedling results last exactly? Anyone interested in the procedure will only naturally want to know whether they’ll need to schedule another session in the future so they can fit the procedure into their busy schedule. Let’s take a look at how long the results from microneedling can last and what factors may determine how long yours might last.
What Is Microneedling?
Before we take a look at how long microneedling results last, let’s have a quick refresher on what the treatment actually is. During microneedling treatments, the cosmetician will use a handheld device to puncture the patient’s skin with tiny needles. While this may sound painful, it’s not. The injuries are microscopic and stimulate the body’s production of collagen to rejuvenate the wounded area. In other words, microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that takes advantage of the body’s natural healing process to treat a wide array of skin conditions.
How Long Do Microneedling Results Last?
So, how long do microneedling results last for patients? It’s a complicated question to answer because of how much the results can vary. Sometimes the results last up from three to seven months or more, while other times they’re permanent. However, it’s worth noting that results from microneedling procedures can have different durations depending on several factors, which is why having an exact answer is tricky.
Most notably, microneedling results depend a lot on the particular skin condition you’re addressing. If you’re planning a treatment and are wondering how long microneedling results last for your particular problem, here are the primary differences you should be aware of:
Collagen Loss
Patients who are undergoing microneedling to cosmetically enhance their skin because of problems related to collagen loss, such as wrinkles and fine lines from aging, can expect the results to be temporary. Other collagen-related conditions include the following:
Enlarged PoresHyperpigmentationSkin Tone Changes
How long the results last for these conditions can vary even further based on the individual receiving the microneedling procedure. The durability and production of collagen are tied to several different influences, such as the age and health of the patient. This means that younger patients who naturally grow back collagen faster than older individuals will be more likely to see longer lasting results. Additionally, those who don’t smoke and who eat a healthy diet will also produce collagen at a quicker rate.
Other Cosmetic Concerns
If you’re scheduling a microneedling procedure for another reason, there’s a higher chance that the results can last you a lifetime. For example, while it may take more than one session to complete, surgical scars won’t return after being treated with microneedling. With this in mind, microneedling can resolve certain cosmetic concerns but will not make you immune to developing them again. Other treatments that can have permanent microneedling results include:
Stretch MarksAcne ScarsSunspots
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