Summer Break is the Time to Break Away From Acne!

It might be summer break for you and your kiddos, but that doesn’t mean acne takes a break from targeting you or your teens. Breakouts happen year round, and you and your teen might be struggling to find something that actually works for their skin. 
If the typical creams, solutions, washes, and patches aren’t working, then let us help you in trying something that is a little more promising. At About Face Aesthetics, you can find solutions to acne concerns in an environment that you are comfortable in. 
Why Choose About Face?
For over 10 years, About Face Aesthetics has been dedicated to meeting the aesthetic med spa demands within the Philly region. Within our lush and cozy facility, highly trained professionals perform premier medical spa procedures. 
We are also always striving to prove our techniques to be top tier when paired with our personalized commitment. If you want to prioritize self-care and skin health, choose our team!
Our Founding & History
Founded in 2011 by Naomi Fenlin, About Face Aesthetics emerged from Fenlin’s desire to establish a distinguished medical spa. With a diverse educational and professional history, Naomi could build a distinctive med spa that is dedicated to enhancing clients’ view of themselves as well as their health within.

Since then, our journey has been one of advancement in medical aesthetics throughout Philadelphia. We prioritize ongoing learning and development, guaranteeing our patients receive tailored solutions. 
Our expertise and insight in the realm of medical aesthetics set us apart, offering an unparalleled level of care. We are now proud to offer services like microneedling, facials, laser hair removal, Botox, and acne treatments in Philadelphia.
Why Does Acne Happen?
The causes of acne can be pretty varied, some of the most common being hormone changes during puberty and an oilier skin type. But there are so many other reasons! 
Identifying the specific cause behind your acne can reveal some clues to how you can get rid of it. Rather than approaching acne-prone skin with the same blanket solution, we can tailor your plan to address the underlying problem and provide the most effective treatment. 
Puberty & Hormones
When children hit a certain age, which is different for everyone, their bodies start producing more hormones than they are used to. Of course, we know this is normal and a natural part of the puberty process, so their bodies just have to get used to it. But this is easier said than done. 
Testosterone is the most common hormone to cause acne issues. Some areas of our skin are particularly sensitive to oil, so when too much oil is produced because of the testosterone, that oil will just hang out on the skin, clogging up pores and resulting in acne. 
Naturally Oily Skin
Your skin falls into one of five skin types—normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive—each with its own set of characteristics. Having an oily skin type means that your skin overproduces sebum. 
Sebum is an oily substance that helps keep our skin hydrated and healthy, but too much of it can cause problems for your complexion. Excess sebum mixes with dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, clogging follicles and pushing upwards, creating what we know as a whitehead. Additionally, this process can also cause blackheads, which is where this patch of oil is more open, instead of covered by skin. 
If your child is struggling with acne and you have tried everything from changing up their diet to changing their products, but nothing has worked, maybe it’s something else. Acne can also run in families!
So, if you or their other parent had acne, then your child is more likely to have acne throughout puberty. And some studies have even shown that if both biological parents had acne, then their child might have acne even earlier on than most.
Menstruation & Pregnancy
Yet another reason for acne—but more specifically acne among women—are the hormonal shifts brought by periods and pregnancy
Menstruation causes estrogen and progesterone levels to drop, potentially increasing sebum production. As a result, breakouts are more likely to occur, which can be frustrating to deal with and difficult to prevent.
Pregnancy also affects acne for similar reasons, as the hormonal shifts and changes in the body can worsen the appearance of acne. 
But here at About Face, we are all about your face! So, if you come in for a consultation, we will try to find the best solution using modern, advanced technology for your acne treatments in Philadelphia.
Diet & Foods
Shocking to some, but food is definitely part of the acne discussion! How? Well, as we have discovered, acne is all based on levels of oil on your skin. So, when you eat food that contains high levels of oil and grease, your body doesn’t know how to deal with it, and will sometimes show up on the surface of your skin. 
Other types of food contain high levels of sugars and carbohydrates which enter the bloodstream quickly, altering your blood sugar. Certain kinds of acne are caused by blood sugar levels being out of control so that is why it is recommended to avoid white breads, rice, sodas, and fast foods.
Makeup & Medications
When you think about it, makeup and skincare are fascinating. No two people have identical skin, so no single product will work the same for them both. That is why there are so many types of makeup and brands of skincare. 
We aren’t made to fit the products—the products are made to fit us! So, it might take time and effort to discover the right brand for you. If you or your teen regularly wear makeup, consider regularly cleaning brushes or experimenting with products labeled as “noncomedogenic,” which means they don’t clog pores.
Not only is it important to pay attention to products, but you may also want to look at any medications you are on. Medications can sometimes have weird effects on different people. So, you don’t necessarily have to go straight to switching up your products. Instead, ask your doctor about the side effects of your medication and whether that could be impacting your skin.
Our Solutions for You
No matter the stage of life you are in, no one likes getting acne. Painful red bumps? No, thank you! Frustrating red marks? No, please. Blackheads that appear out of nowhere? If we could click unfollow on these skin happenings, we would. 

Thankfully, About Face Aesthetics offers a wide range of acne treatments in Philadelphia that treat active breakouts and can even stop pimples before they appear.
Custom Medical Facials
Facials have been around for years, decades, even centuries! But this new take on custom medical facials is unlike those of the past. We combine medical-grade products with expert, custom care to give you the best relaxed skincare experience to address your concerns.
You can generally expect a deep massaging cleanse that helps with lymphatic drainage, extractions if needed, and infusion with the best products. Some facials include a peeling aspect to brighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, pores, and discoloration. 
Our facials are gentle and refreshing. Thought is put into each patient as our experts pick out the best facial combination for you. 
Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are just one acne solution that we offer here at About Face Aesthetics! Chemical peels have changed the facial game. Whereas facials are designed to take away any exterior and cosmetic concerns, chemical peels can go significantly deeper.
Though each chemical peel contains unique ingredients tailored for specific purposes, the fundamental concept remains consistent: to exfoliate the skin and eliminate the damaged outer layer.
The skin undergoes the shedding or flaking commonly associated with chemical peels, unveiling the fresher and revitalized skin underneath.

Something to Keep in Mind
Certain chemical peels are not ideal to do during summer, as many have suntans and even sunburns, making the skin fragile. With that said, we have some options that we can offer to you for your acne concerns this summer. If you are interested in using chemical peels for acne treatments in Philadelphia, talk to our experts about what might work for you! 
Get Started With a Summer Acne Treatment in Philadelphia!
At About Face Aesthetics, we’re all about providing a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience. 
When the best care meets the most effective and advanced aesthetic technology, you know you’re in for a transformative experience. You deserve nothing less than the best, and you shouldn’t have to settle for anything but the latest and greatest.
Exceeding your expectations is always our goal. No matter your age, gender, skin tone, or skin type, we want you to be happy with your results, and even more importantly, we want you to be happy with yourself.
Give us a call or send us a message if you’re ready to book an appointment or if you’d like to know more about acne treatments in Philadelphia. We’d love to hear from you!
In the meantime, you can use our Virtual Consult tool to get instant treatment recommendations based on your needs and goals.
About Face is all about you!
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