Skincare Sets For Beginners and Beyond — Face Flawless Skin- Skincare Advice for Women of Color

This 123 Fre set is as simple as it gets for a daytime routine because it includes sunscreen. It’s marketed for ‘Women Who Workout,’ but tbh, it’s for anyone with skin. It was a fave in my gym bag when I used to work out in the gym. You can cleanse, revive and protect easily, regardless of your skin type. And if you so choose, add some of the brands’ other items to round out your routine.Step 1: Purify Me is a mild exfoliating hydrating cleanser for daily use Step 2: Revive Me is a revitalizing serum that delivers lots of moisture without being greasy.Step 3: Protect Me contains chemical sunscreen ingredients so it won’t leave a white cast on darker skin tones. It provides SPF 30 when used as directed. These predesigned kits give you the skincare basics and beyond. However, your skin may require more focused attention, for example, brightening, improved texture, wrinkle reduction, or acne. In that case, you may add a targeted treatment product such as vitamin C for antioxidant protection and brightness or Retinol for acne treatment or to refine the skin and boost collagen production. Products you choose to target specific problems are usually applied after cleansing and toning but before your moisturizer. The rule of thumb is to use products based on viscosity — going from lightest to heaviest.  You may even opt to add a once-weekly treatment such as a clay mask or exfoliating mask. The mask is generally applied after cleansing.Figuring out a skincare routine shouldn’t be a scary process. It can be as easy as picking up one of the kits above and adding a product for targeted treatment. However, if you still have questions regarding which products to buy or where they should fit in your routine, check out our Virtual Skincare Consultation.

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