Skincare On A Budget – Dermatologists Share Their Budget Buys
Skincare products to clean, treat, calm and protect the skin don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. And with inflation at a 40 year high, more and more people may be searching for products that perform well without leaving their bank on account on flat, flat. So I asked a few Board-Certified Dermatologists to share one of their favorite Budget friendly skincare products.

Aquaphor Healing OintmentDr. Jennifer David states, “I love Aquaphor healing ointment because it’s so versatile and multi-purpose. I recommended daily as part of my patients’ wound care management after biopsies or other procedures. In the cold winter months, it’s the ideal lip moisturizer. Ointments, in general, are perfect occlusive barrier repair agents for holding in moisture into the skin during the cold winter months. What I like most about this particular brand of ointment is that it also comes in a convenient spray. This allows for rapid application of a fine mist to the skin, which makes it perfect for conveniently applying it to your skin after showering.”


Cost: $9.58 for the tube or $9.99 for the sprayDr. David serves on the advisory board for Biersdorf, the parent company of Aquaphor. She is not a paid spokesperson.Vanicream

I was first introduced to this brand when I saw it being applied to my little cousin. She had eczema, and the Vanicream line of products was the only thing that offered relief. So it’s no wonder that 3 derms recommended it.Vanicream is a “thick hydrating moisturizer without fragrance, dyes, parabens, or other allergens. It was developed for children with severe eczema so it’s gentle and minimal ingredients,” states Dr. Amelia K Hausauer. “I use Vanicream facial cleanser every day! We like to keep things plain and simple for our patients and recommend products that have stood the test of time in terms of quality and consistency.” – Dr. Vanessa Richardson. Vanicream is “Such a clean line and free of fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, etc. I love it as a moisturizer on kids and adults.” – Dr. Heidi Goodarzi @drheidigoodarziCeRave


If you are on social media, you undoubtedly have seen the recent slew of love bestowed on the Cerave brand of products, and with good reason. Even Diamond selling, Grammy award-winning artist Cardi B got in on the love.”One of my current fave products is Cerave Hydrating Sheer Tint Sunscreen,” states Dr. Vanessa Richards. Good Molecules

Niacinimide is a superstar ingredient that has blown up in the last couple of years. Research suggests it can regulate oil production, strengthen the skin barrier, treat acne, brighten skin, and more.  “Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum is a steal at $6. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in one soothing gel that primes the skin just right,” states Dr. Corey L. Hartman.Vaseline

The Pandemic has been great for Vaseline. It is all over social media as a must-have. If you’ve clocked the slugging trend, you might understand its sudden surge in popularity. (But, it begs the question, did Vaseline get a new publicist? Possibly the same on Banana Bread had earlier in the Pandemic.) Dr. Boakye, though she has her own product line, has Vaseline as a staple in her household — it’s only one ingredient and costs $3 – $4. Talk about a winning combo.What is slugging? Slugging is coating the skin in Vaseline (after your regular skincare routine) to prevent trans epidermal water loss TEWL. Consider slugging if you have dry skin or find yourself living in a super harsh winter environment. Are you a Board-Certified Dermatologist with a favorite high-performing skincare budget buy? Drop it in the comments!

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