Cleansing is often regarded as a throwaway skincare step. Meaning, we tend to think that any old face wash will do. But the reality is this — The way in which you start your skincare routine, with a proper cleanse, positions the rest of your skincare products for optimal success. If you don’t correctly cleanse and prep your skin, how can you expect your subsequent serums, creams, and treatments to work? Spoiler Alert: Cleansing matters!And if you really take face washing seriously and want to be about that cleanser life — it’s not a bad idea to have several cleansers in your skincare repertoire. That way, you tailor your skin’s specific cleansing needs. For example, you might have one face wash that’s super gentle for use when the skin is irritated and needs a dose of calm. You might have another cleanser formulated with specific active ingredients that either refine the skin or target breakouts. And you might have yet another cleanser in the medicine cabinet that is a workhorse at removing makeup and balancing the skin….for this category of cleansing, let’s talk about MS Skincare Mantra Skin Perfecting Cleanser.

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